Gray & Checkers

Beautiful outfit but why do people feel the need to follow silly style trends? The way the tie is tied is ridiculous.

The scope and scale of different voices we are afforded by posting with people the world over, from vastly differing demographics, means that we can have small glimpses into worlds so different from our own. We get to see the creative outlet of people whose life experiences have not mirrored our own, people who have a completely different framework for dressing, writing, taking photographs, making art.
We have two great options - enjoy, be inspired and learn from what others do, or ignore it. The best travelled, best read, most up to date individual still cant hope to have a definitive understanding of all other cultures, be they geographically or socially defined, and to assume your framework for understanding should limit others is a terrible place to be. There is a narrow mindedness to it that robs from all involved, it will never enrich you, and it only serves to demoralize others. It robs some of the joy and enthusiasm that the creative process should be steeped in.
Over the years I have worn everything from half windsors to four in hands, tucked in to my trousers or hanging free, pinned to my shirt, pinned at the collar. I have found ways to wear that I have loved and continued with, and ways that I fell out of love with, never to revisit. Well, never say never.
But through it all, it was my experience. There are some that feel a tie must be 8.5cm wide, sitting precisely between the top of the waistband and the bottom, tail and blade within 5mm of each other in length. Perhaps they also only wear black shoes in the city, never wear a pocket square, and insist on milk in their cup before the tea. More power to them. But it is their experience, their preference, and their limited view of the world. But the assumption that something is incorrect, infantile or of dubious motivation because you don’t understand it, comes across as a killjoy, petty and narrow-minded.

Well put

Sensei Ethan stomping the haters the fuck out, when you’re Alan See you can wear your tie however you please…

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    Sensei Ethan stomping the haters the fuck out, when you’re Alan See you can wear your tie however you please…
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